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We extend our sincere heartfelt condolences to the Vellon family. Ralph was a good man, an advocate for the parents and students of Belleville, a model civil servant, and a true friend to the community. As a Board of Education Trustee, Ralph held true to his values, exemplified integrity and was a major proponent of the necessary change we see in our district today.
He will be greatly missed not only for his contribution to education but also as a colleague and a friend.  Ralph’s legacy will live on for generations to follow.  
We will keep the Vellon family in our hearts and prayers. 
Belleville Education Association



President’s Message

BEA Family,

Let’s start by celebrating our successes from when we began this journey TOGETHER. Because of our persistence and dedication we have incited the change our students so desperately needed and deserve. We are working more closely on educational issues with the BOE, most of who we have chosen to lead our district. We have been teaming up with our Superintendent to implement the books, programs, supplies and extracurricular activities our students want and need. We are gaining the support from our community though the activities and assistance we initiated in our schools and district wide, through our Pride program. For the first time in my tenure, we settled a fair and equitable contract, amicably with our BOE, within the contractual year.

We are headed in the right direction but still have more work to do. We need Chapter 78 relief. We need to gain the trust and respect of the community as their Professional servants. We need our voices to be heard on the topics of Charter Schools and Standardized Testing.

These are very different times. Today, change is made through “grass roots” actions. This is why we need to have those important discussions with our family members, neighbors, friends, community members, local, county and state officials, legislatures and senators. Tell them that we are Certified Professional public servants whose lives have been affected dramatically by the unfairness of Chapter 78. Inform them of our daily work inside the schools as well as the time we volunteer in school and district events. Tell them your personal stories so that they hear the TRUTH. We can and will change their perceptions and then we will get the change we deserve.

Keep up the tough work and never give up HOPE for a BETTER tomorrow.

In Unity,

Michael Mignone

President, Belleville Education Association