BEA Rep Council Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2019


  1. Meeting called to order at 4:15 pm by Pete Blodnik—Mike Mignone not present:
  2.   Have a Quorum-Present BEA Reps read over 11/12/19 BEA Rep Council Minutes

       Motion to approve the 11/12/19 BEA Rep Council minutes 1st by: Deanna Arena-Giacopelli; 2nd by: Joann de Florio

       Unanimous approval of the 11/12/19 BEA minutes by all present BEA Reps 


2.Treasurer’s Report—Pete Ayala:                   

  1.   Read over/discussed the Treasurer’s Report for 12/10/19-Motion to approve the 12/10/19 Treasure’s Report 1st by: Joe de Florio;

.      2nd by: Sandi Yasneski-Unanimous approval of the 12/10/19 Treasurer’s Report by all present BEA Reps


3.Reading of Correspondence—Cathy Parisi:

    Members at School # 8 sent a card to the BEA office thanking the BEA/NJEA for providing them with lunch on a “The Red for Ed Day”



  1. Reports of Standing Committees:


  1. Communications—Mike Dias:
  2. PLEASE email Michael any important news announcements (engagements, weddings, births, and any other accomplishments) for the

             upcoming newsletter—A template for “Teacher of the Year” will be sent out


  1.   Pride—Joanne
  2. Pride hosted several successful events in November and early December including School 4’s trunk or treat, School 8’s reading night,       

              the district’s Hispanic day—town tree lighting—two F.A.S.T. events—MS math night, and the district technology night

  1. Events for December will include MS Literacy night on 12/12/19 and the MS 1st marking period Awards night.
  2. Pride Expo is from 2/28/20 through 3/6/20 at the Livingston Mall— Live performance and display registration forms are due

             today, to Joanne at the HS and the essay entries are due to Joanne at the HS on 1/22/20. Opening ceremony is Friday, 2/28/20

             at Center Court at 7 pm.



  1. ECEA—Pete Blodnik:
  2. If members are not receiving NJEA text messages/emails, members should go to the NJEA website and register
  3. Many great workshops this year-AR Training, Social Media, and many more—Check out the workshops offered online and register

   for them online at—



  1. Membership—Charlie Moran:
  2. We have one member, our first, who is moving ahead with dropping out of our membership. Please log onto to ensure

              your information is updated and to take advantage of membership benefits provided to you because of your union membership



  1. Social—Monica Filgueiras: – Pete Blodnik gave report as Monica had to leave
  2. End of the Year party is scheduled for Friday, June 12, 2020—Inform members to save the date- A DJ will be hired for the

  Party—Inviting the entire district, including administrators and BOE members—Discussed having invitations be sent through                                                           

             school email, instead of using a paper flyer, except for any retirees


  1. Scholarship—No Chair



  1.    Negotiations-Charlie Moran:

            Nothing to report at this time


  1.      PR&R—Kara Suttora:—Not Present

            Nothing to report at this time



  1. Legislative—Jane Sestilio:
  2.      A5814/S4114, is a bill that will provide much-needed Ch. 78 relief for public school employees will save school districts and the

              state at least $300 million in the first year alone. The bill has been introduced to both houses. Educators take home pay has       

              gone down year after year, due the Ch.78. The new bill will put money back in educators’ pockets. This bill will save money for                        the state, school districts AND the New Jersey educators. It achieves the goal in part by having Educators play an invaluable         

              role in the lives of children. The BEA is asking members to please contact your representatives in the New Jersey Assembly and

              the Senate, urging them to co-sponsor A5814/S4114. Educators play an invaluable role in the lives of children. The Legislature

              must act to support our profession and our students.








  1. Health & Safety—Joy Alfano:
  2.   Send building Health & Safety any concerns with building issues if the building Principal does not address member’s concerns



  1. Evaluations Committee—Lynne Pedalino:

      Nothing to report at this time



  1. Special Committees:

            F.A.S.T.—Joe DeFlorio:

               The final district wide OnCourse Workshop at the MS concluded on 11/14/19 however, recognizing the need to serve our

               community, the District is hosting an ESL / ELL Parent Technology Night (K-12) on 12/10/19 at the HS—Parents and              

               guardians have the opportunity to access their child’s grades. Also, this Thursday, 12/12/19 at the MS, F.A.S.T. is hosting a

               Family Literacy Night. I wish to thank all those volunteers who support the OnCourse Workshops and contribute to its success.



            BVOTE—Jane Sestilio:

               BVOTE is reaching out to the 3 newly elected Board of Ed members to discuss their vision for the future of Belleville Schools—

               Only one BOE elected member responded—BEA did not endorse any of the BOE candidates



  1.  Open (Committees)—Mike
  2.   Newly elected BOE members are not teacher friendly—BEA lost leverage on the BOE
  3. 116 NJEA members, that live in Belleville, are not registered to vote—Need to get them registered to vote
  4. Town elections are not benefiting the NJEA because in Belleville, 65% of the revenue goes to the town and 35% to the school

              district—In other towns, it’s the opposite



  1. Updates on Items Previously Discussd: Mike Mignone:
  2. Reps must have 10 minute meetings following all faculty meetings
  3. Membership outreach has not started yet, but canvassing will be necessary to get NJEA town residents registered to vote
  4. Eleanor B. Arthur Scholarships—Dr. Tomko is allowing each school to have 1 dress down day to raise money for this scholarship

               fund—Reps need to meet with their building principals to select a day for the dress down event in their respective buildings—

               This fundraiser is NOT for students  

  1.          ALL construction issues should be directed to the building principal first, if it does not get addressed or somewhat resolved then,

               members should email the building Health & Safety Rep, who will then contact Joy Alfano


  1.  New Items of Concern—Mike Mignone not present—Pete Blodnik
  2. Asking membership to send any news to Mike Mignone at
  3. Discussed the possibility of Cathy Parisi emailing the Chair Reports to Reps in each building prior to their 10 minute meetings



  1.     Open—Mike Mignone not present—Pete Blodnik
  2. Reps questioning if the BEA is still promoting wearing red on “Red for Ed Day”
  3. Many Bills on the floor in State Assembly—Asking members to please call state Senators to express concerns
  4. Reps expressing many special ed. concerns members are having within each building—There are too many Special Ed. students

     in Gen. Ed. classes without the support of a Para—A lot of discussion on this topic—Possibility of forming a committee to

     address concerns with Mr. Kline and Mr. Vargas

  1. Winter Leadership North is February 21st and 22nd in Parsippany at the Sheraton—BEA will pay for Reps the commuter rate

     There is AR Training at Winter Leadership




Motion to adjourn was made by Pete Blodnik

    1st by: Joe de Florio; 2nd by: Michael Dias

            Adjournment at 5:33

               Next Meeting is Tuesday, January 14, 2019